PACE + for PACE x Users

Get up to speed quickly with PACE+ features. New and different features and how to best apply them will be covered in this half-day class.

PACE + Beginner

A must for new users. Understanding the client cycle and how data is structured and maintained without redundant data entry. Topics covered will include intake, registration, program enrollment, data inquiry, report generation.

PACE + Scheduler

Scheduling individuals and groups, reporting, maintenance, charge/service history conversion, report generation, and staff notification will all be covered in this hands - on session.

PACE + Billing A/R (Prerequisite - Beginner)

Generating charges and fees from multiple services including schedules, notes, program activity, batch, and individual entry, Managing client and payer fee schedules, and prior authorizations.  Producing client statements, insurance forms, electronic claims, and processing claims rejections. Payments application, write-offs, electronic payment application.

PACE + Clinical Documentation

Use PACE+ progress notes, treatment planning, assessments, medications, lab reports, access medical data, service history, interact with the message center, and generate reports.

PACE + Report Writer I (Prerequisite - Application of Beginner Topics)

Gain an understanding of how to create and modify reports. Choosing the correct data to include, using runtime parameters to extend functionality, and produce results in a meaningful and attractive manner.  Publish your finished reports to PACE+, create menu options, and enable users to run them at-will.

PACE + Report Writer II (Prerequisite - Report Writer I)

Building on the skills mastered in Report Writer I learn how to incorporate charts, graphs, cross – tabs, mashups, and data dashboards.

PACE + System Administrators

Security setup and maintenance, including users, user groups, menu, options, tabs, and field controls. Learn how to set and control field validation and defaults through the data manager, change labels on forms, buttons, tabs, etc. Audit trail reporting, Modify and customize the integrated help system.

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