Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software

PacePlus Electronic Health Record Software system is suitable for behavioral and mental healthcare facilities. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for organizing and indexing patients’ health records and documents.  It usually contains the patient’s medical history, diagnoses, course of treatment, medication, immunization dates, laboratory and radiology test results, and food and medicine allergies.

Electronic Health Record Software

Access to Comprehensive Patient Data

EHRs are up to date, patient-centered records that allow easy and secured access when necessary. The database management software enables healthcare providers to retrieve patient medical history to diagnose and formulate the proper treatment based on the present symptoms and past patient’s record.
PacePlus database management software streamlines healthcare processes in maintaining complete and secure electronic client records, including data collection of care visits, service providers, and locations across multiple programs. It eliminates repetitive record-keeping, integrates financial reporting, and tracks appointments.

Standby Technical Support Team

PacePlus Electronic Health Record Software system provides convenient, 24/7 technical support. We take care of data backup, system upgrades, and server maintenance. It has an easy-to-use interface that can integrate seamlessly with the service authorization tracking, health history, and medical billing.  

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