Analysis, Design, and Programming

Over the years of research in software development, we proudly introduce PacePlus electronic health record management software that can cover all analysis, design, and programming healthcare institutions’ needs to increase their productivity and reliability.

PacePlus Can Provide You:

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Programming
  • Quality Improvements
  • Performance Monitoring
paceplus Analysis-Design-and-Programming

Our electronic health record management software developers are highly skilled and experienced in the medical and healthcare solutions specializes in the mental healthcare sector.

After exploring and deep researching, we can assure you that PacePlus can help you increase your productivity and reliability that your patients will look forward to. Our research group examines programming, design, quality improvement, software analysis, and performance monitoring.

All of our software developers are highly skilled and experienced in medical and behavioral healthcare solutions. Because of our expertise, we can create the best software for the medical and healthcare system.


Data Validation

Accurate and valid data serves as guide strategies for healthcare practitioners to appreciate and interpret study results correctly and determine the accuracy of data submitted by providers for payment. Such data significantly impact the way they save people’s lives.
We at PacePLus value the importance of getting accurate data, so we integrate our database management software system with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) [standards] to maintain the privacy and security of Protected Health Information (PHI).
Additionally, we associate our medical billing software system with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to provide high-standard security that will enable securely transmit and exchange providers, payers, and covered entities involved in patient care, treatment, and management.

Clinician Credentialing

Healthcare is one of the critical jobs on the planet. And only eligible medical practitioners can execute medical practice. So, how can you ensure that your clinicians are capable? Our software can help you.
PacePlus electronic health record management software can help you track, organize, and verify clinicians’ credentials, licensure/certification dates, and continuing education credits in the EHR provider profile section.
Specific billing codes correspond with clinician credentials. Clinician credentials can match up with particular billing codes to ensure accurate service reporting on progress notes. Thus, PACE+ prevents data validation errors by limiting clinicians to reporting only the services they are qualified to perform.


We can cater to different behavioral healthcare facilities, mental healthcare, and social services providers’ needs. And we understand that they differ by their functions, structure, how they handle patients and manage their facilities. So, we at PacePlus built our practice management system to be flexible and customizable to fulfill every healthcare sector’s needs perfectly.

PacePlus offers you software custom-designed according to your faculty requirements. Our expert professionals analyze and design the system to fit the need of your facility.

PacePlus Software System assured its users that it meets and complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines to maintain the privacy and security of Protected Health Information (PHI).

PacePlus uses Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards to securely transmit and exchange among providers, payers, and covered entities involved in the patient’s care, treatment, and management. PacePlus EDI transmissions are HIPAA Compliant and minimize the number of people involved in handling patient/client protected PHI, thereby increasing the level of privacy for patients/clients. 


PacePlus offers customization with its database management software system to suit every healthcare institution’s needs. Upon installing, our implementation team will identify and customize how our software will best work for you.
We integrate our software into a management tool to give you smooth access, dissemination, and use of your organization’s data.
Users can access and share valuable information through the smart Content Management Solution (Content Distributor™) within the database management software system.

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