PacePlus is a cloud-based electronic health record management software that helps the healthcare sector provide an upgraded and improved healthcare system to its clients. It is suitable for behavioral, mental, and social healthcare facilities. Because we aim to continually ease-out burdens in healthcare facilities, our software includes an ePrescription feature. 

PacePlus ePrescription Features

PacePlus integrates the Info-Scriber Electronic Prescription Application that has the following features, including:
  • Prescriber libraries
  • Drug-to-drug checking
  • Drug-to-food checking
  • Allergy alerts
  • Pregnancy and lactation alerts
  • Patient medication education leaflets
ePrescribing, or electronic prescribing, as people know, is the creation, transmission, and filling of medical prescriptions through computers. PacePlus database management software system allows physicians and medical practitioners to print prescriptions or send them to pharmacies via fax or electronically. Further, PacePlus EHR software also includes standard reports that evaluate medication management. It records patients’ allergies, health status, medication dosing, and other essential considerations in giving prescriptions. With PacePlus ePrescription software feature, you can deliver quality care at an affordable cost.

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