PacePlus takes customer service seriously. Our mission is to provide a reliable software system that reflects the reputation that our valued customers want to see. As part of that goal, we want our users to feel that they chose the right electronic health record management software they can rely on at any time.

PacePlus support team offers comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and innovative technical support services to help you get the most from our PacePlus database management software system.

database management software system

Software Integration Support

PacePlus provides wide-ranging electronic health record management software containing complete support assistance – from implementation to maintenance and updates. Our team will ensure that all the necessary steps and processes in the system integration are correctly installed and well-functioning.

Maintenance Support

PacePlus practice management system provides regular system updates and bug fixes to address our customers’ technical concerns. We will also assist you with self-hosting, proprietary system interfacing, custom development, back-office outsourcing, security and compliance, and IT support and consulting.

Sales Support

Boost your organization’s revenues by improving customers’ satisfaction. PacePlus electronic medical billing software system makes it convenient to manage orders and patient appointments. Thus, your patients can avail themselves of these services while at home, saving them time, effort, and money.  

Remote Support

PacePlus support team consists of seasoned software development professionals who can resolve technical difficulties even for remote facilities. With our cloud-based software system, you can rest easy that we will attend to any issues while securing your organization’s sensitive data. 

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