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When it comes to recording health data, PacePlus values your time and resources, that is why we strive to assist you with our database management software system services. Our team of dedicated and skilled individuals will be with you every step of the way, from pre-sales to post-sales services.  

Simplified Healthcare Facility Processes

At PacePlus electronic medical billing software system, we aim to help medical facilities organize and simplify their data management process, maximize healthcare services value, and improve medication reliability. Our program simplifies your practice management from initial review, onboarding, implementation, and so on. We are committed to helping our clients proficiently manage their practices’ profitability.

EHR Management and e-Prescription

PacePlus fully integrates medical electronic health record management software into your organization, enabling you to effectively manage all aspects of your business. With this technology, you can immediately process orders from your device and replace manual prescriptions with a quicker method using the automated PacePlus e-prescribe feature.
Because we are responsive and customer-focused, our PacePlus sales support team is always ready to provide you with only the best after-sales services.

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