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PacePlus is a cloud-based electronic health records software and medical billing software system. Our developers primarily design PacePlus for behavioral healthcare facilities, mental healthcare, and social services providers. But can also be useful for any healthcare institution. 
PacePlus provides intuitive management solutions for any healthcare organization’s size and functions. You can also customize our database management software system and practice management system that best fits your facilities’ needs.

Electronic health record management software

PacePlus Multifunction Software Management

PacePlus is multi-purpose software that supports a wide range of health and human services that include:
  • Mental health abuse prevention and treatment
  • Substance abuse prevention and treatment
  • Psychiatric services
  • Nursing services
  • Consumer-operated recovery
  • Self-help programs
  • Child welfare
  • Protection services
  • Social services
  • Developmental disability programs
  • Foster care
  • Residential
  • Other out-of-home programs
We will help you implement our electronic health record management software in your facility so you can ensure that it will run smoothly with any of your programs.

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