Medical Billing

PacePlus medical billing software system helps healthcare providers process billing, claims, and reporting service efficiently. Once the patients are admitted to the facility, the software keeps records of services rendered updated in the billing statement. This way, healthcare staff can quickly provide accurate billings to their patients when needed.

Intuitive Medical Billing Software

PacePlus medical billing software allows you to track, query, correct, and resubmit claims automatically. You can also view claim status reports within the system so you can assure its accuracy. Our software is smart to manage your payments, billing, and financial statements to connect to any accounting software system.
medical billing software system

Automated Billing Invoices

PacePlus let you save overhead cost as it eliminates the need for data entry staff. PacePlus medical billing software automatically creates claims and services rendered derived from progress notes. The PacePlus database management software system records these progress notes to help healthcare providers track patients’ status better. 

Fast, Secure, and Accredited Billing Services

We understand the value of having secured and quick billing processes for healthcare providers. Thus, PacePlus uses a medical billing software system that will enable you to process patients’ confidential data securely and automatically create billing based on services rendered.
Our software developers especially designed the medical billing software system to process claims that comply with different insurance providers’ requirements and funding sources. We also ensure that the PacePlus medical billing software system complies with HIPAA, so rest assured that we provide secure, high-quality, and reliable medical billing services.
PacePlus medical billing software system integrates with database management software system eliminates tedious and repetitive clinical documentation. Our software provides quick access to assessments, treatment plans, progress notes, outcome studies, and other tasks. Its design encourages and demonstrates HIPAA Compliance, facilitating accreditation and re-accreditation by organizations such as COA, CARF, and JCAHO.

Offers Reports and Analytics Customization

PacePlus database management software system allows users to customize reports easily – it can be in a graph, spreadsheets, and many more. So, they can quickly create new reports as needed to meet grantors, government entities, and payers’ demands. With PacePlus powerful features providing excellent medical service can be hassle-free. 

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