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PACE+ is customizable and integrated, cloud-based electronic health records software and medical billing software. Our software is built explicitly for behavioral healthcare facilities, mental healthcare, and social services providers.
You can choose from our two flexible Software Implementation options that best suit your business needs.

PacePlus sip

Self-hosting (PACE+ install at your location) Model

You can choose our self-hosting model, where our team will install the software and help you implement the PACE+ at your facility. Upon installing, it is necessary to have a web database, .NET framework on the server, firewall, and high-speed internet to implement successfully.
In this model, the user will solely host the software. We will ensure that we include two site licenses: one for the production environment and the second for the testing/training environment to make the utilization smoothly.

SaaS Model - Information Hosting and Disaster Recovery

We also offer software as a service (SaaS), where our team will handle everything from installation to providing updates regularly. As PACE+ can be customized depending on users’ needs, we will work with you to find the most advantageous and cost-effective hosting for your organization.

All the hosting software, licensing, and hardware (i.e., servers, firewall, and backup) are included. All you need to access PACE+ is your PC and Internet browser. We also provide two site licenses for this model: one for the production environment and the second for the testing/training environment.

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