Workflow Management

Healthcare is one of the people’s most essential needs, and this sector must always be efficient and accessible to everyone. At PacePlus, we commit to assisting healthcare facilities in providing the most efficient medical care to their patients and customers. We help you increase productivity, improve patient satisfaction, and offer accessible healthcare systems through our software solutions. Our platform ensures secure information exchanges between authorized physicians, care teams, patients, and healthcare professionals. 

Workflow Management

iWorkflow, a fundamental part of PacePlus, allows healthcare providers, payors, and public health systems to synchronize, streamline, and incorporate information with other medical facilities. It has robust and secure features that will enable all users to do various tasks, such as: 

  • Validating criteria
  • Processing and sharing information
  • Reducing fragmentation across systems

Its features include:

  • Queueing
  • Enabling notification alerts
  • Auditing finances
  • Routing and checking compliance

PacePlus workflow management key feature offers intuitive management solutions regardless of your company size. Our product improves your organization’s processes and procedures and enhances medical practice proficiency and efficiency.
At PacePlus, we believe that a smooth and seamless workflow creates excellent service and a better experience.

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