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At PacePlus, we commit to assisting healthcare facilities providing the best care to their patients and clients. We help you increase productivity, improve patient satisfaction, and offer accessible electronic health Record systems through our software solutions. Our platform ensures secure information exchanges between physicians, care teams, patients, and healthcare professionals.

PacePlus Software System

Our software developers created cloud-based Electronic Health Record management software suitable to all of your healthcare record-keeping needs. Its Practice Management solutions and Workflow Management features offer better-integrated solutions for all companies and business types in the healthcare industry. Please explore our website or directly contact us to know more about how PacePlus can help you. 

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Electronic Health Record Software Overview

PacePlus is an integrated, cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Database Management System designed for behavioral healthcare and human services. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for managing your healthcare practice, including:
  • data backups
  • system upgrades
  • server maintenance
If you’re looking for convenience and superior tech support, PacePLus is the way to go.
PacePlus incorporates Electronic Health Records with the practice management system. Our patient portal and web-based platform improves care delivery, enhances patient safety, and reduces costs for all types and sizes of medical practices.
Healthcare providers today often face various struggles and challenges, such as:
  • Improving the service quality, they deliver
  • Managing diseases
  • Monitoring patients and ensuring their safety
  • Reducing costs
  • Complying with the most updated regulations and meeting performance benchmarks
Our skilled developers built the EHR software to provide efficient solutions to all of these challenges by connecting the healthcare continuum, driving outcomes, and subsidy payments.

Keep, Track and Organize Client's Record

Organize and track your clients, patients, visitors’ data quickly with PacePlus database management software system. Our software maintains a complete electronic record of all information patient-related such as care visits, service providers, and locations across multiple programs. 

Now you can effortlessly find information with just a few clicks. And the best thing is you can avoid a thick pile of paper when looking for patients’ records. PacePlus electronic health record management software integrated with your system will eliminate duplicated records caused by manual recording. 

Manage Scheduled Appointments, Service History, and Billing

PacePlus medical billing software system will help you manage your client, staff, and group appointments with only one platform. The scheduler will allow you to charge billing, view service history, and send out medical billing quickly.
Our software is user-friendly and interacts seamlessly with service authorization tracking and financial reporting. Integrating such features will give you an efficient and comprehensive accounting system, including electronic claims and remittance, third-party insurance, client, municipality, and grantor billing.

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