PacePlus electronic health record management software increase productivity, improve patient satisfaction, and, most importantly, efficiently helping patients more. PacePlus aims to help healthcare facilities to provide the highest-quality care.

PacePlus Software System

We offer better-integrated solutions for the different organizations with our cloud-based electronic health record management software, including Practice Management Solutions and Workflow Management features.

Electronic Health Record Management Software

PacePlus electronic health record management software will store your patient’s clinical and demographic data in a single electronic file. PacePlus has cloud-based data storage of records from initial patient contact to completing treatment. PacePlus automatically backs up and maintains the server. We will provide you convenience and superior tech support.

Medical Billing Software

PacePlus medical billing software system helps healthcare providers process billing, claims, and reporting service efficiently. Once the patients are admitted to the facility, the software keeps records of services rendered up to the billing. This way, healthcare staff can quickly provide accurate billings to their patients when needed.

Electronic health record management

More Key Features

Integrated Components

PacePlus electronic health record management software integrates with your practice management (billing), scheduling, reports, imaging, and interactive forms. The software validates and edits the data to keep it clean and accurate to prevent costly data validation errors and corrections.

Electronic Health Records

You can now eliminate thick binders and bulky file cabinets. PacePlus electronic health record management software will store your patient’s clinical and demographic data in a single electronic file. Additionally, the system secures data storage, access, and updates through our cloud-based software system.

Program Applicability

PacePlus electronics health records software and medical billing software supports a wide array of health and human services. Services such as:

Workflow Management

PacePlus iWorkflow feature allows users to coordinate, streamline, and integrate information with other entities. Users can electronically validate criteria, process, and share information to decrease fragmentation across systems.


PacePlus integrates with Info-Scriber Electronic Prescription Application to help health facilities to manage and assist their patients with their drug prescription electronically or via fax. It also includes standard reports to assist with medication management, a titration/taper module for gradual dosing of medications.

Document Imaging

Organize, scan, and manage your paper-based documents and electronic files with the PacePlus image document imaging web component. Its automated features allow a secure user to complete patient information and provide images, an efficient and automated solution to manage records within each file.

Time Tracking Component

PacePlus database management software system allows a healthcare organization to track and manage team member hours and pay periods. Employee hours are based on a customizable system for each user (i.e., date, department, location, start/end time, pay type, wage class, job codes, etc.). This component helps to alleviate confusion or costly errors involving employee pay.

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