Practice Management System

PacePlus practice management system helps physicians and medical staff organize, secure, and streamline day-to-day operations of the clinic, such as patient appointment scheduling, medical billing, and other admin tasks. 

Practice Management System

Patient Appointment Scheduling

Medical practice management systems allow physicians and their staff to book and confirm patient appointments seamlessly. It will enable the team to manage schedules across multiple providers, days of the week, and locations. The software is customizable to allow patients to book their appointments online.
PacePlus practice management software allows the medical staff member to view doctors and healthcare providers’ real-time availability. Knowing the current doctor’s availability enables staff to identify potential scheduling conflicts. It helps healthcare facilities avoid double-bookings, reduce no-shows, and reminds patients via email and text message about their upcoming doctor’s appointments.

Organizing Patient Data

One of the many medical practice management features is allowing physicians and medical admin staff to input patient information quickly, including necessary patient information, medical history, medications taken, medical history, and reasons for past visits. It can also verify the patient’s insurance coverage before the patient’s visit. 

Medical Bills and Claims Processing

Practice management systems generate medical billing statements and electronic insurance claims based on patient visits. It scans the medical bills, and insurance claims to ensure correct diagnosis codes and follow payor regulations. The system sends notifications if it identifies conflicting information, an error in the data, and overdue claims or patient payments.
PacePlus practice management software is a cloud-based database management system that automatically updates new procedural codes and billing procedures.

Reporting and Analytics

PacePlus medical practice management system generates comprehensive reports and analytics on all transactions input in the EHR software, such as:  

  • The volume of patient appointments
  • Appointment no-shows
  • Length of time when the staff can accomplish their tasks
  • Turnaround when insurance payors reimburse claims
  • Clinic performance against meaningful use of objectives
  • Length of time insurance claims remain in the accounts receivable

With the data presented by the system, healthcare providers and medical staff can identify growth opportunities, reduce wasteful spending, and improve the productivity of the healthcare facility.

Medical Practice Management System and Compliance

State regulations and federal health and laws, such as the healthcare reform bill and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), are crucial to medical practice and operations. Several regulations surround the healthcare industry, including handling direct care of patients to avoid malpractice suits, medical technology regulations, and insurance coverage through the healthcare bill. Noncompliance with the rules can have severe consequences for medical professionals.
PacePlus medical practice management system ensures that all staff members – doctors, nurses, billing staff, medical technologists, are aware of all medical laws and regulations governing their facility. The system assists them in complying and practicing their roles within the limits of the rules. Practice management software sends alerts when the system needs upgrading to eliminate the risks for any interruptions in practice.
PacePlus medical practice management software creates reliable healthcare organizations to deliver quality patient care.

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