Report and Form Creation

PacePlus provides a wide array of ways to create forms and reports within the system. It is designed for various healthcare institutions’ needs. You can choose date ranges, specific users, or programs depending on the operation, criteria, and calculation of the report types such as utilization, daily staff activity log, claim status, etc.

Adhoc Reports

Create Adhoc Reports for Quick Query

Medical organizations create Adhoc reports to answer a specific business question, usually in response to an event. At PacePlus, we provide an easy-to-use selection of forms, fields, and filters to help behavioral healthcare facilities, mental healthcare, and social services providers quickly build Adhoc reports.
We value privacy and the importance of getting accurate information to give high-quality medical services. So, we designed PacePlus as a secure cloud-based platform and allow users to instantly pull specific information and then save and export them to Excel.

Deliver Reports with Our Report Builder

We understand that getting information and reports fast is essential for saving lives. So, PacePlus uses an enterprise-class reporting tool, iReport, to help healthcare institutions deliver quick, adaptable, presentation-quality HTML reports. Your patients, clients, and staff can access these reports anytime through a web browser without plug-ins.

PacePlus electronic health record software allows users to custom design and generate these reports depending on their needs. iReports, specially designed to deliver records quickly, can help you create transcripts to PDF and HTML format using MS SQL Server and XML.

Furthermore, PacePlus electronic health record software integrates with iReport can address inconsistent pagination and printing of HTML based reports and optionally removes Internet Explorer headers & footer when printing. It also comes with a designer and server application for organizations to develop their reports. 

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