Maintenance Support

Once your electronic health records (EHR) software is up and running, software maintenance is crucial for continuous and smooth clinic or facility operation. As any system can be vulnerable to errors, glitches, and system failure, your operations may be interrupted when not resolved quickly.

Quick Troubleshooting and System Resolution

At PacePlus, we strive to provide the best possible database management software customer support for our valued clients at the quickest time turnover. Our users will get regular updates, quality tests, and security add-ons on the system with our maintenance support. Software systems may quickly become outdated because of new technology. Therefore, we continuously improve our electronic health records software to keep up with the ever-evolving user’s needs and regulations.

24/7 Customer Service and Technical Support Team

PacePlus database management software safeguards your health records and documents. Therefore, we place the highest quality of software products and developments first in line. Our customer service team and technical support team are always on standby to provide you with full support on the software functions and system maintenance to guarantee a high-quality user experience.

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