PACE+ is committed to helping healthcare facilities provide a greater level of care. Our solutions increase productivity, improve patient satisfaction, and, most importantly, make helping patients easier. The intuitive system offers physicians, care teams, patients, and healthcare professionals a secure platform for health information exchange.

PACE + Software System

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Our cloud-based EHR software adapts to your healthcare service’s needs, including Practice Management Solutions and Workflow Management features. PACE+ offers better integrated solutions for organizations of all sizes. Explore our site or contact us to learn more about what PACE+ can do for your practice. 

EHR Software

PACE+ is an integrated, cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Database Management System designed for behavioral healthcare and human services. PACE+ offers a comprehensive set of tools for managing your practice. We take care of data backups, system upgrades and server maintenance. If you’re looking for convenience and superior tech support, PACE+ is the way to go.

PACE+ integrates Electronic Health Records with Practice Management. The patient portal and secure web-based platform personalizes care delivery, increases patient safety and minimizes costs for medical practices of all sizes. Today, healthcare providers are faced with many challenges such as improving care quality, managing disease, monitoring patient safety, reducing costs, complying with the latest regulations and meeting performance benchmarks. Our web-based EHR solution addresses all these challenges by connecting the healthcare continuum, as well as driving outcomes and subsidy payments. PACE+ server based secure cloud platform allows you to access your information easily.

Maintain a complete electronic client record, including data collection of care visits, service providers and locations across multiple programs. PACE+ helps eliminate redundant record keeping. The scheduler tracks client, staff, and group appointments. Easy to use, it interfaces seamlessly with service authorization tracking, service history and billing. Integrate financial reporting for an efficient and comprehensive accounting system, including electronic claims and remittance, third-party insurance, and client, municipality and grantor billing.

Medical Billing Software

PACE+ uses the practice management program for billing, processing claims and reporting services. It keeps track of billable services from the start of the claim to reporting. Being able to track, query, correct and resubmit claims is essential for a healthcare provider. Claim status reports can interface with most accounting software systems. PACE+ eliminates the need for data entry staff because the program automatically creates claims and service encounters from progress notes. Practice Management is designed to process claims based on the requirements of different insurances providers and funding sources. PACE+ medical billing software is HIPAA compliant. The cloud based software is designed for use in mental healthcare practices and medical billing services. PACE+, allows you to bill for the services you have provided in a secure and easy to use way.

PACE+ simplifies tedious and repetitive clinical documentation and provides quick access to assessments, treatment plans, progress notes, outcome studies and other tasks. Its design encourages and demonstrates HIPAA Compliance, facilitating accreditation and re-accreditation by organizations such as COA, CARF and JCAHO.

PACE+ includes reports that are easily customized, thus users can create new reports as needed to meet the demands of grantors, government entities, and payers. You can output the report results in a variety of formats such as graphs, spreadsheets, etc.

More Key Features

Integrated Components: Electronic health records are fully integrated with practice management (billing), scheduling, reports, imaging and interactive forms. Validations and edits keep data clean and accurate, preventing costly data validation errors and corrections.

Electronic Health Records: Electronic health records are each stored in a single electronic file so that each client’s clinical and demographic data is kept from initial contact through the completion of treatment. Components include scheduling, referral, enrollment, e-prescribing, clinical assessment, service plans and progress notes. All records are fully integrated with reporting and scanning capabilities.

Program Applicability: PACE+ supports a wide range of health and human services that including mental health and substance abuse prevention and treatment, psychiatric and nursing services, consumer-operated recovery and self-help programs, child welfare and protection services, social services, programs for the developmentally disabled as well as foster care, residential and other out-of-home programs.

Workflow Management: iWorkflow is an integral part of PACE+, enabling providers, payers and public health systems to coordinate, streamline and integrate information with other entities. The robust and secure features of iWorkflow allow users to electronically validate criteria, process and share information to reduce fragmentation across systems. iWorkflow features include queuing, allowing notification alerts, auditing, routing and checking compliance.

ePrescription: PACE+ incorporates the Info-Scriber Electronic Prescription Application with several features including prescriber libraries, drug-to-drug and drug-to-food interaction checking, allergy alerts, pregnancy and lactation alerts and patient medication education leaflets. This allows prescribers and their agents to either print prescriptions or send them to pharmacies electronically or via FAX. It also includes standard reports to assist with medication management, a titration/taper module for gradual dosing of medications. ePrescription also has a notes feature.

Document Imaging: iImage is a document imaging web component with automated controls to scan, organize, and manage paper-based documents and electronic files (i.e. Word, Excel) into one comprehensive record. This allows secure users access to complete client information. iImage provides an efficient and automated solution to manage client documents and records within each file.

Time Tracking Component: This PACE+ component allows organizations to manage and track employee hours and pay periods, with the ability to output time data for 3rd party payroll systems. Employee hours are based on a customizable system for each user (i.e. date, department, location, start/end time, pay type, wage class, job codes, etc.). This component helps to alleviate confusion or costly errors involving employee pay.

This component allows the supervisor and/or Accounting Dept. to approve time before payroll submission. You can ensure your records are complete and correct. Another great feature is the time tracking component is web based so you don't need to install any software. Access it anywhere through an internet connection. The power of PACE+ can give your organization the leading edge in employee time tracking.


PACE+ is Available in Three Versions:

  • Express Edition - Hosted only, limited configuration for smaller groups.
  • Standard Edition - Hosted only, limited configuration.
  • Enterprise Edition - Hosted or installed on-premise, fully customizable and configurable.
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