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The PacePlus electronic health record software and medical billing software system provide a mission-critical solution for behavioral healthcare facilities, mental healthcare, and social services providers. Our team of qualified and skilled professionals conducts training sessions to teach new users using the software platform. PacePlus provides two distinct types of EHR Training Sessions, depending on the user’s preferences.

Training Options

1) Train the Trainer

The PacePlus technical team provides informative and enjoyable EHR Training Sessions to your managers, administrators, supervisors, and authorized personnel. Our specialized trainers will impart all knowledge and information when using the electronic health record management software. The company’s representatives will disseminate the training course to their staff.

2) Train the Staff

PacePlus’ customer and technical support team will help your staff learn the different software features and functions. We aim to reduce the hassle of information dissemination and save time in conducting other training sessions for each department. It will help your facility increase productivity and efficiency, giving excellent healthcare services to your clients.

3) Online Training Classes

PacePlus provides more convenient training options with online training classes. This option allows you to choose the topic and material of your choice to feature in the online course. Moreover, our well-skilled and knowledgeable trainers provide comprehensive guides and resources that your facility staff can use every time you want to revisit some functions.

Training Session Details

If you opt to attend the PacePlus online training sessions, below is the schedule you can follow: 

  • Online training sessions begin at 10:00 AM and will conclude at 4:00 PM, with a one-hour lunch break.
  • For more details about online training and class registration, please feel free to contact us at (908) 850 – 5564.

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