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PacePlus is an integrated, cloud-based electronic health records software and medical billing software that offers intuitive management solutions for any organization size. We provide a range of services that support and complements our products.

Our technical staff can help you with additional training and implementation support. We provide consulting services on demand and help create reports, form, specialized data capture, and more.

We also provide complete analysis, design, and custom programming services for more complex projects to help develop customized systems that meet your specific needs. The services we provide include training, implementation, report, form creation, consulting, analysis, design, and custom software programming.

Choose Online Class Or Personalized Training

With every purchase of PacePlus medical billing software, we provide training for administrators, office staff, and clinicians to help them learn to use the EHR software fully. Users can choose from onsite to online class training.

Learn Quickly On Your Own Time

As medical institutions have different practices and availability, we customized our training schedule and program to fit with every healthcare facility, so they don’t have to be away from their patients for a long time. 

Be An Expert User with PacePlus Trainers Tips and Documentation

Our well-qualified trainers provide users with the documentation and tips they can utilize to help them familiarize how to use the software quickly. Our online training class curriculum is regularly reviewed and revised to keep current with new product versions.

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