Integrated Components

PacePlus is an integrated, cloud-based electronic health record software and medical billing software. Our software will fully integrate its electronic health records with your existing facility programs for smooth workflows. After that, PacePlus electronic health record will function with your daily processes as one.   

PacePlus Can Optimize Your Processes

  • Practice Management
  • Medical Billing statements
  • Scheduling
  • Reports
  • Laboratory Results and Imaging
  • Interactive forms

PacePlus will help you do all these in one platform – allowing you to save time and increased accuracy with our software’s automated features. 

PacePlus Scheduling

Validate Patient Data Accurately

Furthermore, validating and editing patients’ information is a breeze with the PacePlus database management software system. Once you enter the data into the system, it will sync it to the electronic health records making it quick to find and edit patients’ details and documents. Best of all, PacePlus medical billing software will prevent you from wasting time and costly data validation errors and corrections.

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